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Frage zur rückbank

Beitragvon Ormel85 » 16.09.2014, 21:42


mal ne frage, die Rücksitzbank vom Prelude BB2, würde die in ein Civic Coupe EJ6(Bj. 96) passen?

Ich weis das der Prelude ein 4 Sitzer ist.

mfg Roland

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Can This Be Solved? Should It Be solved?

Beitragvon civcopsng » 17.09.2014, 08:40

There probably isn't a way to solve not having a main and the general move towards not having one. Account-wide achievements, mounts, pets, heirlooms, toys, etc... these are all things that give way to the eventual death of the main. The only way to solve these things is to remove them, and that is not going to happen.

The golden ticket might be to incentivize playing one character a long time. Give players a reward for not changing identities, for keeping with one character for the long haul. Or if not the character, then find a way to create a universal identity throughout the entire game that binds characters to the player.

There are no perfect solutions, and I'm not sure there is even a solution to be had at this point. But I think it's important we recognize that a lot of the larger issues we see are related to not having this identity that grounds us in our virtual world.

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