the New England Patriots defense faced one of the

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the New England Patriots defense faced one of the

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Last week , brightest young stars in the NFL in the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes. While their upcoming week seven opponent – the Chicago Bears – do not have a quarterback with quite the same tremendous credentials this season as the Chiefs’ MVP candidate, Mitchell Trubisky is still a passer capable of doing plenty of damage with his right arm and his legs.What stands out in particular when it comes to Trubisky is his ability to accurately challenge the deep parts of the field. “I think one thing he does really well, he throws a great deep ball,” Patriots safety Devin McCourty said earlier this week. “I think they design some good plays and I think he does a good job of seeing that and understanding where a safety is or where this guy is – ‘If I can just get him to look one way, I’ll open it wide up.’”“He does a really good job of finding receivers down the field,” added New England’s de-facto defensive coordinator Brian Flores. His unit has generally fared well when it comes to stopping the big play this season, but showed some obvious weaknesses against Mahomes and the Chiefs last week. “It will be a challenge for us – you know, a guy who can scramble like this and extend plays, and then at the same time, find receivers down the field and put the ball on them pretty accurately.”This ability allowed the Bears to regularly challenge teams deep through their first five games of the season. Overall, the team therefore registered 18 pass plays of more than 20 yards – six of which resulting in touchdown, while only one deep attempt was intercepted. Let’s take a look at two of those plays to find out what makes Chicago’s deep passing game so dangerous and productive.2-10-CHI 33 (10:31) (Shotgun) M.Trubisky pass deep right to A.Robinson II to ARZ 28 for 39 yards (T.Boston).Down 14-3 during their week three game against the Arizona Cardinals , the Bears were able to create some much-needed offensive momentum on a deep pass to wide receiver Allen Robinson II. The play starts with Chicago having an 11-personnel group on the field with a trips formation to the offensive left, one running back offset in the backfield, and Robinson (#12) as the single pass catcher on the weak side:NFL Game PassTrubisky’s initial target on the play appears to be tight end Trey Burton (#80), who runs an in-crossing pattern from the three-man bunch. However, the Cardinals flood the underneath zones well in their cover 3 scheme which forces the young passer to go through is reads and look for Robinson. The former second-round pick was chipped at the line of scrimmage but able to get open down the field on an out-and-go combination:NFL Game PassThe play in itself is not spectacularly designed or particularly badly defended by Arizona – even though the deep-field cornerback Jamar Taylor (#28) could have been less aggressive on the out-route – but it shows a lot of the traits that make Trubisky a dangerous deep passer. Facing a four-man rush that is picked up well by the line, the second-year man remains calm despite his initial reads not being open.Instead of panicking, Trubisky simply works to the other side of the formation – to Robinson – and re-sets his feet to bring himself in a position to deliver a pin-point throw. His mechanics stay sharp throughout the process, which allows him to put the pass right in the bucket for a 39-yard gain:NFL Game Pass2-7-CHI 28 (15:00) (Shotgun) M.Trubisky pass short middle to T.Cohen to MIA 22 for 50 yards (R.Jones).As Brian Flores mentioned during the aforementioned conference call, Trubisky also is a dangerous passer when moving off the spot. However, he was rarely moved noticeably off the spot on his 18 deep pass attempts this season which speaks for his patience in the pocket but also for the protection he enjoyed. A fourth quarter play from last week against the Miami Dolphins shows just how much damage Trubisky can do when given the time.Chicago approached the second down with its preferred offensive package – 11 personnel – aligned in a 1x3 formation:NFL Game PassMiami counters with a cover 1 look with deep safety Reshad Jones (#20) shaded slightly to the defensive right. At the snap, Trubisky is able to freeze the defensive back by initially looking towards wide receiver Anthony Miller (#17) on his crossing route from the right side slot. With Jones left in a vacuum, the Bears’ quarterback feels comfortable in the one-on-one matchup between running back Tarik Cohen (#29) and cornerback Torry McTyer (#24) down the offensive left sideline.NFL Game PassWhat helps Trubisky was the offensive line holding up well to give the passer enough time to make a play on the longer-developing concept. This Youth Joe Thuney Jersey , in turn, made it possible for the second-year man to step into the throw and deliver a high-arcing pass to his running back for a gain of 50 yards – another big play for the Bears offense and their young quarterback that was well executed by all players involved:NFL Game PassWhat makes the Bears’ deep passing game – as illustrated by those two plays – so dangerous is the team’s ability to keep its quarterback well protected, and Trubisky’s vision and sound technique on the throws. For New England, it will therefore be imperative to get pressure on the passer and to be physical with his targets at the point of attack to disrupt the timing of plays. Trubisky, when given the time and seeing an opening to exploit, is able to make all the throws.New England should also take a similar defensive approach as it did with the aforementioned Patrick Mahomes: trying to confuse the young quarterback before the snap in order to test his decision making and potentially force him into errant throws. Against Kansas City, this worked well – at least initially – as the Chiefs turned the football over twice in the first half. A similar result would go a long way to help the Patriots leave Chicago victoriously. In the NFL, 35 is considered old. Few players make it over this threshold and still remain successful among colleagues that are in a lot of cases more than 10 years younger. However, those who do survive in the league that long are oftentimes still at the top of their game, especially at positions that pose a slightly different athletic challenge than most. The quarterback spot is the best example, and 2018 serves as a perfect reminder of that.39-year old New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and the Los Angeles Chargers’ 36-year old Philip Rivers are both in the middle of arguably their best seasons to date. The Pittsburgh Steelers’s 36-year old Ben Roethlisberger, meanwhile Youth Ja'Whaun Bentley Jersey , and soon-to-be 35-year old Green Bay Packers passer Aaron Rodgers also still play at the same high level as they used to in their earlier days in the NFL.And then, there is Tom BradyAt 41, he is the league’s oldest quarterback (and oldest non-kicker in general) and he keeps defying expectations of what being an older play in the NFL means. Since turning 35 in the offseason leading into the 2012 season, Brady has led the New England Patriots to two Super Bowl trophies, and has won a combined three MVP awards (one regular season, two in the title game).2018 is more of the same. While Brady’s statistical output looks comparatively pedestrian when compared to his ridiculously productive last three seasons, he still is very much in the conversation as the league’s best quarterback. And even though he finds himself in unchartered territory for players his age he keeps adding to his already legendary r茅sum茅 — and according to the man himself, he plans to keep doing it.“I’d like to go till I’m 45,” Brady told NBC Sports’ Peter King after Sunday night’s victory over the Green Bay Packers and fellow old man quarterback Aaron Rodgers. “I know I said that a hundred times, and no one believes me. But I mean, I feel good. I could go play another game tomorrow. I know what to do. It’s fun. What else would you rather do than run out in front of 70,000 people and throw a football?”While Brady regularly pointed out his goal of playing until turning 45 Youth Tom Brady Jersey , he put on a more cautiously sounding tone this offseason. Of course, his remarks also left plenty of room for interpretation: he told Oprah Winfrey that he thinks about retirement more than he used to and also spoke in an interview with his own TB12 brand about “seeing the end line now.” His most recent statements, however, leave little doubt about what he wants to do.Brady being asked about hanging up his cleats is nothing new. Back in 2014, for example, the then-37-year old told WEEI that he will retire when his game is no longer up to the lofty standards he sets for himself. “When I suck, I’ll retire,” the future Hall of Famer said before continuing: “I don’t plan on sucking for a long time.” We are nine weeks into the 2018 season and Brady is still far from sucking. 45 seems to be as realistic as it has ever been.

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